Friday, March 30, 2012

Is Mitsubishi a low-end brand?

Q: A lot of their cars are cheap, just like Kia, but people say their cars are high quality.
and what brand is the lowest quality? Kia, Mitsubishi, or another?
(2012-03-30 17:24:35)

A: Honda & Toyota are the cars with the best quality they are gas savers & usually last a very long time... Mitsubishi is not a really good brand.

Im buying my first car, used 2 grand max, what should I look out for when test driving and irregularities?

Q: I dont want to get ripped off, I know with the amount Im willing to spend its going to be rather difficult to find cars that aren't going to be such liabilities, I want it to last me about 9 months or so without any major problems that are going to cost me more than the car itself. Don't really care about looks, just want the point A to point B kind of car. I go to the beach, six flags,nightclubs, and camping a lot during the summer and these places are about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours from my house other than that its just a couple miles to work everyday, usually walking distance. Never really leave the state of MA. Is there a car that can be that reliable for me with the price range I'm fishing at?
(2012-03-30 18:45:00)

A: If I were you, I would by something along the lines of Honda, Nissan, Ford, Chevy, and Toyota. Regardless of what car you get, it is gonna be extremely high in mileage, therefore you want to get cars with a good manufacturer... Unlike Saturn....Next you want to check for basic maintenance. Check the oil level in the car, and note what the oil looks like. Its okay for it to be brown, but black or kind of a white/creamy color is a HUGE red flag. Make sure your brakes aren't grinding, or you may be getting new brake rotors soon. Make sure the transmission shifts smoothly. When you turn the wheels, listen very carefully for any popping or vibrations, thats a bad sign. Check for leaks too. Antifreeze and transmission fluid leaks can be a big Red flag, but don't jump to conclusions. For example, if you see antifreeze leaking, it could be anywhere from a bad radiator or water pump, or just an innocent hose clamp has came off. Check for oil leaks as well. If it is leaking from the oil pan, its okay because with a little know how, you can fix that for under $30... If there is an oil leak somewhere other than the oil sump, don't be instantly turned away its just a little, but if its serious, I'd probably avoid that car. Check the suspension. Go to the front of the car, push down on a sturdy part of it. Naturally, the car should move down a little, but if it take very little resistance to go along way down, that car will need new springs and shocks...

Cool car with good gas?

Q: Hi, I just turned 16 and I'm getting about $12,000/12,500 for my first car. Can some one give me some ideas? It has to get good gas mileage though, but I don't want a Honda Civic or anything too mainstream. I just want a unique sporty car that I can buy custom parts for.. Any ideas? Thanks :)
(2012-03-30 02:58:33)

A: === if you shop around and find a nice VW, BMW, 2-dor Mercedes, or a sport Toyota you will have a better idea of what will give you good service and can be customized .... the only way to find the car that you want is to SHOP... and get a mechanic to look at your pick to be sure that you are spending your money wisely ..... cars are not easy to find ---- good used cars are found by shopping ....

2012 GMC, Chevy, Ford, or Dodge, Tacoma?

Q: Hi im 19 years old and I make pretty good money right now with a union job and I live with my mom and dad lol So all the money goes to my bank haha

So Im 19 and i want a durable truck that will last me till im 35 lol I was looking at 1500 or 250 trucks.. Right now im leaning towards GMC cause of their style. Dodge is a bit shady cause of people telling me its a cheap truck. Ford is known as a Patriot truck but it usually have problem here and their.

My life style is basically school, work , project which includes building and dirt bike riding and is able to tow. I have a Honda now which im not planning to sell that is going to be my work car basically.

So all i need is your experience with these trucks and your opinion on the latest trucks. please and thank you!
Also IM buying it new if that helps
(2012-03-27 13:56:49)

A: Your right about Dodges being cheap. They are the worst of the big three. I think Ford and Chevy are equal. If it was me I would be checking out the new Toyota Tundras. They look promising to me.

Which is the better Mahindra XUV 500 ya Toyota Innova?

(2012-03-28 22:15:25)

A: Mahindra XUV 500 is the Excellent SUV car from Mahindra motors which has been designed, keeping in mind the special needs of Indian customers and have been exclusively manufactured in India. XUV 500 is best SUV than Toyota Innova. Because XUV 500 is provide modern look and more sporty. XUV 500 Interior and exterior is so nice and attractive than other SUV.

Check more Detail About Mahindra XUV 500......

Is 180,000 miles bad for a 2003 chevy impala?

Q: I just bought a used 03 impala for $ has alot of miles but it seems to run everything works in it.....just asking because mileage does scare me!
(2012-03-28 18:32:54)

A: you should be a bit worried is an American car and there not the greatest, next time try to get a honda or a Toyota Japanese car last a life time, but make sure u keep up with oil changes every 3000 thousand miles check fluids every week, and dont be gassing it to much when you're taking of, if you do this simple things it should last you long time :D

How do I bypass the alarm for my 1996 Toyota Camry?

Q: I went to go to work & my remote wouldn't work? Got a ride home to pick up spare one & when we got back that wouldn't work either? Unlocked car with key, no alarm went off but car wouldn't start because of immobiliser? Got a ride to work with my friend, now finished & back at her place with car stuck on her lawn! Please help so I can take myself & my car home! :(
Would it have a fuse? Or a switch located under the dash, or a fuse somewhere in the wire leading from the battery?
Would it have a fuse? Or a switch located under the dash, or a fuse somewhere in the wire leading from the battery?
(2012-03-29 03:00:18)

A: There are two ways to go, both of which should be outlined in your manual as follows:

If your remote controls do not work

1. Unlock and open either front door with the key
2. Separate key from remote control
3. Insert key into ignition switch
4. Insert remote control in to the remote control reader (this is located inside your glove box on the top right corner at the front when you open it) and wait for the vehicle security indicator to illuminate continuously for 5 seconds (the red flashing light near the speedo)

If you lose all remote controls, the system may be overridden by doing the following:

1. Unlock and open either front door with the key
2. Insert key onto ignition switch and turn it to "on"
3. Turn off all accessories
4. Wait approximately 30minutes until the security indicator stops flashing. Do not turn the key during this time.
5. Turn key directly to "start" and start the engine.
Contact your Toyota dealer to arrange replacement and programming of new remote controls.

It sounds like option 1 will be all you need to do. I have not tried it myself, but just did option 2 on my car this morning, and it worked exactly as described. It means now I can only use the key, not the remotes, unless I go back to a dealer to get new ones programmed - not going to bother.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

What are the effects on a Prius battery if the car is stored for a year?

Q: I'm interested in buying a 2007 Prius but am concerned that the car was stored in 2009 for a year without being run. Will this adversely effect the drive battery? The car is in good shape with 60,000 miles on it.
(2012-03-29 08:36:42)

A: The traction battery may have been flattened. Prius batteries have been known to hold their charge for six months without harm but a year is pushing it. If it has been flatted you will need to charge it (Toyota has a special charger) and there is a possibility it won't take a charge. However, a new traction battery for a 2009 is just under $2000 and costs $500 to install. You could also find one from a wrecked 2009 for about $500.§ion=HYBRID%20COMPONENTS

For sure it will need a new 12V battery--about $200.

Mazda mx5 info and help?

Q: hi,
I am looking for a cheap convertable for the summer, a Mazda mx5 fit this category (between £0-1000) plus I'm 20 years old and the insurance on a 1.8i is still affordable (just). but my concern is I'm 6ft 7" tall and was wondering if I would fit in a Mazda mx5 (leg room, with roof up and without windscreen obstruction)?? anyone know if I could or not? if not any suggestion on covertables that I can get for under £3000 a year remembering in 20 with 0ncb and 1 claim for a flooded car (not my fault)
thanks for the help
(2012-03-29 12:59:33)

A: Yea the MX5 is a great wee motor, I think you may well have an issue with height, I suspect you will be limited due to this factor and considering the type of care your after it is a tough one, Id suggest a BMW 3 series, maybe a 318is , Golf convertible , Toyota T bar MR2 or Celica ( Rare ) with your limited funds its a hard to say, Ford Escort convertible ( Crap ). . With your budget your only going to get a not so great car, Id get the MR2, not a proper convertible but reliable and looks great with the covers off

Good Luck

What is better Toyota or Nissan?

(2012-03-25 18:14:44)

A: Toyota and Honda usually trade top spots in reliability ratings, Nissan is not bad but still has room to improve compared to a reliability leader like Toyota.

Can a FWD car be converted to an AWD car?

Q: Also, where could it be done and how much would this conversion cost?
(2012-03-28 18:13:47)

A: Yes, but the only practical way would be if an AWD version of the vehicle was already sold, such as Audi or Subaru. Then you would just buy the AWD components needed at a salvage yard, and they should all go in fairly easily. Any shop could do it, and I would suspect about $700 or so.

But if AWD components are not available for that model already, then you would have to take out all your existing drive and complete change it to some other system, making it much harder and expensive. It would be hard to even reuse the existing engine.
More like $2500 to $4000.
People do this to make 4WD vans and things, but it is not cheap.

Here is a list of AWD cars sold in 2011:

$10,000 to $20,000

2011 Suzuki SX4 — $16,999
2011 Subaru Impreza — $17,495
2011 Subaru Legacy — $19,995

$20,000 to $30,000

2011 Toyota Matrix — $21,415
2011 Suzuki Kizashi — $22,099
2011 Subaru Impreza WRX — $25,495
2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart — $27,695
2011 Ford Fusion — $28,405
2011 Mercury Milan — $28,645
2011 Ford Taurus — $29,220

$30,000 to $40,000

2011 Audi A3 — $30,850
2011 Buick LaCrosse — $31,820
2011 Dodge Charger R/T — $32,320
2011 Saab 9-3 — $32,395
2011 Audi A4 — $32,850
2011 Infiniti G25x — $33,950
2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution — $33,995
2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STi — $33,995
2011 BMW 328 — $35,650
2011 Lincoln MKZ — $36,220
2011 Lexus IS 250 — $36,275
2011 Audi A5 — $36,500
2011 Infiniti G37x — $36,650
2011 Mercedes-Benz C-Class — $37,490
2011 Volvo S60 — 37,700
2011 Audi TT — $38,300
2011 Cadillac CTS — $38,365
2011 Acura TL — $38,855
2011 Volkswagen CC — $39,990

$40,000 to $50,000

2011 Chrysler 300C — $40,320
2011 Volvo S80 — $40,700
2011 Lexus IS 350 — $41,530
2011 BMW 335 — $43,100
2011 Lincoln MKS — $43,160
2011 Audi S4 — $46,600
2011 Audi TTS — $47,000
2011 Acura RL — $47,200
2011 Saab 9-5 — $48,030
2011 Lexus GS 350 — $48,050
2011 Cadillac STS — $49,180
2011 Infiniti M35x — $49,200

$50,000 to $60,000

2011 Audi A6 — $50,200
2011 Mercedes-Benz E-Class — $51,100
2011 BMW 535 — $51,900
2011 Audi S5 — $53,100
2011 BMW 535 Gran Turismo — $58,300
$60,000 to $70,000
2011 Infiniti M56x — $60,950
2011 BMW 550 — $62,000
2011 BMW 550 Gran Turismo — $66,200
2011 Lexus LS 460 — $68,535
$70,000 to $80,000
2011 Audi S6 — $76,100
2011 Audi A8 — $78,050
2011 Porsche Panamera — $78,900

$80,000 and beyond

2011 Nissan GT-R — $84,060
2011 Porsche 911 — $84,100
2011 BMW 750 — $85,500
2011 Mercedes-Benz S550 — $96,650
2011 Lexus LS 600h — $111,350
2011 Mercedes-Benz CL550 — $113,150
2011 Audi R8 — $114,200
2011 BMW Alpina B7 — $125,000
2011 Bentley Continental Flying Spur — $177,600
2011 Bentley Continental GTC — $201,500
2011 Lamborghini Gallardo — $202,000
2011 Bentley Continental Supersports — $267,000

Hey democrats, what was the point of the GM bailout?

Q: Republicans said let them go through managed bankruptcy. But Obama bailed them out. Then AFTER the bail out they went through managed bankruptcy. What was the point of that??
(2012-03-28 20:34:06)

A: They VETOED the Votes of Americans.

In our Society we vote with out Dollars.

GM, for Whatever Reason was losing the Election. That is why they were Bankrupt.

They either offered a Sub-Standard Product, or, charged more than Americans thought their product was worth, or were Irresponsible in Managing their Corporation.

No Matter.....We voted for Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, KIA with our Spending Dollars.

The DEMOCRATS, decided NOT to heed our Voting and VETOED it by Bailing them out.

Not only did they Veto our Votes......They took OUR Money, (our votes) and Cast them FOR us and against our will.

Keep up like we are and EXPECT so much more of that they think is For Our OWN Good in the Future.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How do I open the hood of my 94 Toyota 4runner?

Q: I cannot find the release catch in the cab, so I need its location. It is the same vehicle as the surf model of the same year.
(2012-03-25 10:12:30)

A: lower left dash. just to the right of the little speaker.

seen here, pg2,

the hilux/pickup (not taco) is it's sister paltform in this gen.

New Chevrolet Captiva mileage and price?

(2012-03-27 07:25:57)

A: Hi,

Chevrolet Captiva facelift version is on the brink of launch any time in April. New Chevrolet Captiva price is expected to be in the range of Rs.20 Lakh to Rs. 22 Lakh. With this price tag, Chevrolet Captiva will become a tough competitor of new Toyota Fortuner, Audi Q7 and Skoda Yeti. This premium segment SUV will now be powered with 2.2 Litre diesel engine coupled with six speed automatic gearbox instead of the small 2.0 litre motor. The all new Chevrolet Captiva will now be sportier with belligerent exterior, brawnier split front grille and refreshed interiors.
To check more about car, click here :

What was the car you've ever owned or driven?

(2012-03-27 18:51:49)

A: the first car I ever drove was the one I took lessons in, a toyota corolla
the first one that i've owned (and still do) is a mercedes s-class

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

are the lexus is and toyota corolla s basically the same thing?

Q: like srsly
(2012-03-26 19:45:02)

A: I own an IS, and personally, it makes more sense to buy a corolla s. I mean, in a drag race, the corolla s wins 9 times out of 10. Style wise, they're obviously pretty comparable. plus, the toyota is cheaper and more reliable. AND it handles better. But in the end, they're basically the same thing. I get them confused a lot

why does everyone say to buy a toyota or a honda?

Q: I'm shopping for a used car and every body keeps saying this. I personally don't like the looks of those cars. Why should I drive a car I consider aesthetically unappealing.
I want an old ford explorer instead. Or an old Infiniti Qx4, or possibly an old Nissan Pathfinder.
I'm just not into it. I don't have a major commute so saving on gas is like whatever to me. Maybe if I had a commute I'd be into it though. Cheap maintenance is nice, but what's the point if you don't like what you're driving??
(2012-03-26 20:10:57)

A: Honda and Toyota are kind of the best combination of most of the things people look for when they buy a car -- excellent build quality, high reliability, high resale value, excellent safety, low insurance rates, comfortable, lots of available custom add-ons, decent performance, and nice mix of standard features.

If you don't like Honda or Toyota, then look for other brands/models with most of the same characteristics. High reliability is important if you don't like spending all your extra money on repairs.

Monday, March 26, 2012

which car is better to get a Toyota or a Honda?

Q: i can only afford to spend $5,000 on a car, and both types of cars have alot of miles on them
(2012-03-24 21:28:15)

A: Toyota

If the scotus rules that gov can mandate that we buy products/services, will they stop at health care?

(2012-03-26 10:36:27)

A: They might, but there is no evidence to support the idea that Congress would stop at just health care.

Using the exact same interstate commerce clause argument being made by the supporters of the health care legislation congress could write legislation saying that Americans must buy a Chevy Volt, Toyota Prius, Honda Accord or some other small vehicle like that if they wish to drive across state lines or face a penalty.

The argument would be this. This vehicle crosses state lines thus it is now a federal matter. Further since a lot of oil is imported in to this country to be refined in to gas at some point they will be using oil drilled in a foreign country. With oil supplies limited it is in the nations best interest to see the government come up with measures to preserve our nations oil supply. Thus by regulating the types of vehicles that can be driven across state lines the government is acting within its limits via the interstate commerce clause and wait for it..........
Congress would also be promoting the general welfare as found under article 1 section 8 of the US Constitution.

If the US Supreme Court rules that the individual mandate is constitutional they will have just ruled that federal government is all powerful and any checks the Founding Fathers wanted on federal power can are null and void via the interstate commerce clause.

constructive criticism and help with my photography?

Q: sorry for those of you who may have seen me ask the same question last night!
i just got the wrong kind of thing i was looking for. many people said i either looked amateur (i am, so what do you expect? haha) or that i post-process too much - granted, that's a good point, i should start to edit less from now on, but that's part of my style.

i'm looking for how to improve my fan base, how to get into local magazines, even get my work displayed somewhere. i'd like to have my name at least somewhat known in my local area. how do i go about this?

and how do i improve my work? what aspects do you think are missing? please don't just say you don't like it!

thank you all veeeeery much. and if you like my work, like the page! i'd appreciate it.
(2012-03-25 13:40:19)

A: HUH? Why should anyone bother, you obviously are not going to heed people's advice. You ask for criticism, get it, and then turn around and say it was not what you were looking for? Think a minute will you? With all the problems people are saying as concerns your photography, do you honestly think your work is good enough to be in magazines or "displayed somewhere"?

Your approach is like someone saying they drive a Toyota Yaris, and drive it rather badly on top of that, but yet they want to know how to win the Indy 500.

You have to get the quality of your photography up first, then start thinking about displays and publishing and the like. You are trying to put the cart before the horse my friend. Your name is not going to be "known" until your work makes it worth knowing. Does that not make logical sense to you?

I also agree, Facebook is NOT a portfolio site. I don't care how great your photography may ever become, you will never be taken seriously if all you do is link to a Facebook page. That simply screams clueless amateur. That place is a dump for snapshots, not for anyone wanting to promote serious work and themselves as a serious photographer. Yes, some great photographers do have a Facebook presence, but that is for marketing purposes and client contact. I promise you, any competent photographer promoting serious work has a real website, ... not only Facebook.


Did you like your 1st car?

Q: Bad or good memories?
(2012-03-25 19:48:42)

A: My first car was Opel Record Caravan -73,but the only car which I have liked was a Toyota Van -87.Here is a Youtube film about it:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

help me decide! Toyota runner vs Mazda van?

Q: Hey everyone

my mom is low on cash but needs a car asap

Toyota runner , 1997, 230,000 miles (a lot I know) , stick shift : 2000$

Mazda van 2003, 93,000 miles, automatic 4000$

I think she should buy the toyota despite the mileage, but since she won't use it more than 1 year and so 2000 bucks seems reasonable for a temporary thing

Both cars are in good condition and we're buying them from someone we know well and trust

Which one should she get? Also how long would it take for me to learn to drive stick shift ? ( I drive manual )
(2012-03-25 10:23:43)

A: I'm pretty sure manual is the same as stick shift, if u meant u drive automatic then i think you can learn manual in couple of weeks, practice makes perfect, and well i would say mazda bc its younger and you can always trade it in when shes ready to get another car, and it prob will be easier to trade in, but heyy toyotas have a good name for reliability and well known. If she wants to save money then the toyota

4 Door Jeep Wrangler vs Subaru WRX?

Q: I have a 350z that I love driving but it has become a little too unuseful for my activities. I do a ton of mountain biking and skiing so I need something that will get me through snow and can hold a little bit of gear and stuff.

I like the WRX because its a turbo 265hp engine with a 5-speed so it will still be fun to drive. I am also considering a 4door wrangler with a stick but I dont anticipate that being extremely fun to drive ha.

Opinions are welcome
(2012-03-25 17:08:17)

A: Small world, I just answered your previous question about the wrx.

I was in the same boat as you. I looked at the jeep wranglers and was turned off by the lack of power, loud road noise, small interior, and bad ride. The brand new ones for this year have improved a lot (much more power, better build quality, etc)

I opted to go and get a toyota Fj cruiser. It has a much bigger interior then the jeep, rides way better, is way more unique, and is overall a better vehicle. It was voted 2nd best resale value by kbb (right after the wrangler). They hold up well, you can get them with stick shifts too.

I would have got the wrx, the power was fun and it has room. I felt for snow usage the fj would be better, and it had a washable interior.

Altima, Cruze, or Optima?

Q: I am on the hunt for a new car. The three styles I really like are the Altima (really 2005 and up), the 2012 Chevy Cruze, and the 2012 Kia Optima.
Which one is the better choice??

-Price wise
-Driving & Handling (I am not a speed racer, but I need it to be able to handle my lead foot :D )
-How long it will last
-Gas mileage

any extra info is appreciated :)
(2012-03-22 22:05:49)

A: you need to look into the nissan altima because its a sleeper in sheep's clothing. a website called you can pick the year make or model new or used and see what options they have. The kia is a korean car that is owned by hyundai there have been many problems with warranty issues. Besides the fact that they are not very good cars and there are complaints about kia and hyundai on yahoo answers.
Now the 2012 altima has 2 door coups and a 4 door sedan which many people like because the insurance is cheaper. It has a 210 hp 4 cylinder 2.5 liter which has the 6 speed manual and it runs great and gets good gas mileage. However the 6 cylinder is a 3.5 v6 275 hp this is the little but kicker its a bit larger engine but will still do good on fuel and it hauls butt. you can also add a sports suspension package I believe so about 23 grand gets a newer altina. some of the older ones have the v6 motor too so if you look for the used ones check the edmunds because they will have the options that it can have. chevy cruz is not going to be fun for your foot and is not a very good new car let alone used. Nissan has been around a long time and shares engineering with toyota so its been proven to go hundreds of thousands of miles too. best of luck

What car is better Toyota corolla or Honda civic??? Year 2000 and up?

Q: As a first car for a 19 year old girl
(2012-03-24 20:18:24)

A: If you were a boy racer (which you aren't) you should probably get Civic. But since you are 19 yr old girl, get a Toyota Corolla because they are reliable and pretty cheap.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Which is the cheapest car in US?

Q: I know new Ford Fiesta is prices at 13000 USD, any other economy car available to buy?
(2012-03-23 13:00:50)

A: I think that the most inexpensive car sold in the United States is the
2012 Nissan Versa Sedan 1.6S MSRP $10,990

Other options for economy cars are
2011 Chevy Aveo Sedan: MSRP $11,965
2012 Hyundai Accent GLS MSRP $12,545
2012 Smart Pure Coupe MSRP $12,490
2012 Kia Rio EX MSRP $13,400
2012 Suzuki SX4 MSRP $13,699
2012 Chevy Sonic Sedan MSRP $13,865
2012 Kia Soul Base MSRP $13,900
2012 Toyota Yaris 3 Door L MSRP $14,115
2012 Mazda 2 MSRP $14,530

should i go mountain biking or bring my dog?

Q: i am going to faverdykes park (florida) today and i cannot decide whether or not to bring my bike or my dog it has to bbe one or the other............ if i bring my bike i could ride on designated trails i don't know how many or for how long and also if i bring my bike i would have to make a redneck setup in the trunk of my new small car to keep the bike in because i don't have bike racks.

i know this is the wrong category

if i bring my dog i could let her swim and have a good time but she gets overheated very easily because she has black fur and is a big dog
(2012-03-24 09:57:11)

A: Are the trails gonna be muddy? If so, take the dog. If not, take the bike.
I can fit my bike in the backseat of my little Toyota, you should be ok.

Have you a God story of how God set you free or sent His angels to watch over you?

Q: I am not talking to those who hate God but to real Christians that live their faith every day. thank you for your polite questions,
Juan God wanted you to survive because of the great testimonies you could give later to help others know God loves them too. God bless

Yesmar your testimony is so great and shows that prayers do not have to be long but serious to get angels on the job. Great praise report. God bless you. Thanks for sharing it here.

((Spitfire)) thanks for your testimony of how God gives His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways. We have the bible to prove His word works. Yet so few of God's people acknowledge that His word is alive or powerful but the bible tells us it is. We all need to believe it. I always believe the word of God over anything else.
(2012-03-24 10:44:07)

A: I was living in South Florida, and it was one of those times that I was very close to God, and doing the right things, I'm afraid that most of my life wasn't lived like that. But I was a tree trimmer and I had a job for a lady in North Miami.
I was singing praises in my heart, as I walked from the back yard to the front where I deposited arms full of brush to the curbside. As I was crossing the front yard on one of those trips I heard a voice that said, "someone has broken into the church and is stealing your guitar and amp". It was so pronounced that It stoped me in my tracks, it was about 1:00 in the afternoon. I started for the front door of the lady's house to use her phone to call someone I was so affected by it, but as I reached the screen door, I heard the voice again say "It's O.K. everything will be fine. So I went back to work, I finished the job, went home and had enough time for a nap before going to Wednesday night service, by the time I got there the incident had gone out of my mind, and I totally forgot about it. I then went to tune my guitar on the rostrum but couldn't find it. I thought gee thats strange, I went to the back of the church and asked the Song Leader if he knew anything about my guitar. He and his family lived in the appartment in the back of the church. He said, We had a break in about 1:00 pm this afternoon, my son was cutting the grass and when he went into the church for a drink of water he saw a couple of boys at the back door with several things in there hads and they had your Amplifier at the door but it was too heavy for them to carry, when they saw him they took off. They had my guitar and a few other items from the church. I was broken hearted because I had just purchased the guitar a few months earlier and paid about 600.00 dollars for it. But I then remembered the voice that spoke to me. Then the Song Leader said, look, the paster just took out an insurance policy recently on all the items on the inside of the church, so you may be covered. So the end result was that Yes I was covered 100%, I had the reciept and went and Got another guitar.

I also wanted to mention another time that a friend of mine and I where in his car. We had just come from a church service and was looking for someplace to have a cup of coffee. We were in a small town that closed down fairly early, Hollywood, Fla. We where going down the main street and Kevin turned left inbetween some tall buildings in downtown, as we where approaching the next corner light a voice spoke to me and said, Tell Kevin to stop and not go through that light! I said Stop Keven don't go thru that light, he stoped just before, and a Four Wheel drive Toyota Pickup truck came barreling through running his red light, He would have broad sided us if we would have kept going and killed us both.

What kind of car should I get?

Q: So I've been looking for a good car to buy this year, but I want a good and fast looking one. Right now i have my eyes on the Dodge Charger R/T but I'm wondering if there are any other cars that are worth looking at too. Thanks :)
P.S no two door cars. Thanks!
(2012-03-24 10:49:45)

A: Honestly nothing American made such as that charger you mentioned. I have nothing against American cars, in fact I adore there style but there quality is very poor. There quality has been declining drastically and not to mention it wasn't that good to start with. Buy a Toyota or BMW (the BMW look nice and are German made and last long if taken care of.) I have to say I do love the look of the charger but the down side is that it has a history of maintenance problems. The new Nissan Maxima looks very sexy I have to say. It has all the led's and bell's and whistles and has Nissan quality. If your looking for an old model which you didn't specify a Honda,Toyota or anything foreign is still the best choice. I just don't want you to get a car that will break down in a month. So I'm being honest buddy. I hope you find a car that you like!

genral knowledge competition for you 10 points?

Q: 50 questions find all there answers online or if u know it then write it

on your marks

The most commonly used word in English conversations is
The country called the land of rising sun is
Australia was discovered by
The highest mountain in the world is the
The longest river in the world is the
The coldest place on the world is the
The biggest desert in the world is
The city which is also known as the city of canals is
The largest ocean of the world is the
The Eiffel tower was built by
The national flower of brittain is
What is the currency of india
Who won the football world cup in 2006
The author of harry potter books is
The earlier name of new York city is
What do you call a group of sheep
The country known as the land of white elephants is
The largest diamond producing country is
The biggest island of the world is
The largest coffee growing country in the world is
The country which ranks second in terms of land area is
What does un stand for
Name the first female pilot of Saudi araibia
In which country wil the fifa world cup be in 2022
What very special event happened on the night of power
How many countries make up the GCC
Which metal is hevier silver or gold
Which animal sleeps with one eye
How many weeks are there In one year
Which is the largest city of Saudi Arabia
What are the names of the GCC countries
Which is the largest mammal/animal in the world
Name 4 creators mentioned in the Quran other then humans
Which city is known as the oldest city in the world
Who was the first man to reach the north pole
How many wings do butterflies have
Give a sentence which has all the letters of the alphabet
Who invented the washing machine
Which country is known as the land of cakes
Which is the largest airport in the world in terms of area
What was the earlier name for tomatoes
Which is the largest car manufacturing company of the world
How many times in a day does are heart beat
What is the color of a polar bears fur
Which is the only animal/mammal that cannot jump
What was the old name of Taiwan
Who was the first Saudi to climb the mount Everest
Name the largest internal organ of the human body
How many bones does the adult human body have
How many bones does a child have

i will write the answers in an hour or 2 so comeback to know what your mistake was k thx
btw the answers have to be full and you have to answer every single question
(2012-03-22 15:18:57)

A: 1. The
2. Japan
3. Willem Janszoon
4. Everest
5. Nile
6. Antarctica
7. Antarctic Desert
8. Venice
9. Pacific
10. Gustave Eiffel
11. There is none :O
12. Rupee
13. Italy
14. JK Rowling
15. New Amsterdam
16. Flock
17. Thailand
18. South Africa
19. Australia
20. Brazil
21. China
22. United Nations
23. Hanadi Zakaria Al-Hindi
24. Qatar
25. Fasting
26. 6
27. Gold
28. Dolphins
29. 52 full weeks
30. Riyadh
31. Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates
32. Blue Whale
33. Al-aziz, As-sahid, Al-wudud, Al-alim
34. Byblos
35. Frederick Cook
36. 4
37. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
38. James King
39. Scotland
40. King Fahad
41. Carrot Apple
42. Toyota
43. 108000
44. Transparent
45. Elephant
46. Formosa
47. Farukh Al Juman
48. Liver
49. 206
50. 300

Mercedes / Lexus / or BMW?

Q: Should I get Lexus instead of C250? I only care about relibility, not looks + speed. Thanks
(2012-03-23 21:44:51)

A: yes, generally speaking, Toyotas have a better overall reputation for dependability and reliability vs. their German counterparts. with the german rides, they typically lean more towards the overall driving experience and performance oriented driving. since performance and speed isn't important to you, then the Toyota Lexus would most definitely be your choice. HAVE FUN!

Why Toyota cars are so ugly for a so good cars?

(2012-03-24 00:56:04)

A: i totally agree with you,
for such reliable and good cars, they are pretty ugly
mechanically they stack up among the most reliable cars...but damn they r ugly, they definitely shou sack their design teams and hire new ones...
the only car that i would think of buying from the toyota range is the FJ Cruiser

Friday, March 23, 2012

Am I the only one seeing more hybrids?

Q: I don't know why but for some reason every other car that I see drive by in my state is a hybrid of some sorts. I can usually tell because of the highback cars but I barelly saw hybrids as of 5 years ago. I would like to know what is the future of hybrids in 5 or 10 years from now and am I the only one seeing them?
(2012-03-21 17:39:12)

A: If you are seeing a lot of hybrids where you are, try visiting Portland, Or. The reason you didn't see many 5 years ago was because there weren't very many for sale. Several more models are now available since 5 years ago, and Toyota has ramped up production of the Prius to meet demand.

No, you are not the only one seeing them. And you will be seeing a lot more of them.

Do you like the car you drive?

Q: Inspired by Dusty :)
and Bob Bob :)
(2012-03-23 14:51:54)

A: Yup. Toyota avensis gs


Is anyone an Excel Formula needed!?!?

Q: I have 3 columns (Body Style, Make, Color) for cars......I need a formula that will pull from all 3 columns and only give me a count for lets say "blue toyota sedans". I've tried a bunch and I cant get any of them to work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!
(2012-03-23 09:19:26)

A: Put this formula where you want the answer, change the column Ranges to suit your spreadsheet and the words to suit what you want to be counted

=COUNTIFS(A1:A7,"Blue" ,B1:B7 ,"Toyota" ,C1:C7,"Sedans")

Libertarians:Are they too Liberal for Liberals and Conservatives?

Q: In a 100% libertarian Society it will be some Good things but the Bad things will be very very Bad like:

*In a 100% Libertarian Society-An Employer can Hire/Fire based on Anything even the color of a person's eyes.

*In a 100% Libertarian Society-A manufacturer don't have to put ingredients of his food product
even if he powdered his donut's cocaine.


Are Libertarians too Liberal for Liberals and Conservatives?
(2012-03-21 16:51:14)

A: Socially, yes. Economically, no.

Why Libertarianism Doesn’t Work

What Libertarians prescribe won't work. You ask them who would take care of the poor and they say "charities." First, we have a lot fewer charities now than we had back when the social programs were started out of necessity. Second, charity isn't even up to doing the job now, even with all the social programs we have.

"Feeding America" is annually providing food to 37 million Americans, including 14 million children. This is an increase of 46 percent over 2006, when they were feeding 25 million Americans, including 9 million children, each year.

That means one in eight Americans now rely on "Feeding America" for food and groceries.

"Feeding America's" nationwide network of food banks is feeding 1 million more Americans each week than they did in 2006. Thirty-six percent of the households they serve have at least one person working.

That is in addition to food stamps and welfare. So what are you going to do with all those hungry Americans?

And keep in mind that 62% of custodial mothers do not receive child support.

Then there is the matter of predatory capitalism such as we just saw off Toyota and Massey mines, and currently from BP, Transocean and Halliburton. Nobody goes to jail when you sue a corporation. They just figure the fines are worth it in the profits column and often keep right on doing things that cost lives and the environment because it serves their bottom line. It’s the same with the banks doing predatory lending that brought our economy down.

Plus, nobody wants to have to pay for toll roads, toll libraries, only private schools, private police, private fire protection, private beaches, private parks, and so on. If Libertarianism were the rule of the land you might not ever get to go to a beach, a forest, or a mountain, if they were privately owned.

Would you like to take a look at a real Libertarian society? Read Charles Dickens books, because England during his time was about as close to Libertarianism as there has been. There was a tiny very rich class. There was a tiny middle class, mainly doctors, lawyers, and merchants like Scrooge. There was a huge very poor class.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

what is this thing called in a toyota camry?

Q: my toyota engine light went on, i was told that the thing in the middle has to be changed. if i don't change it, i will never pass the smog check, and it will use more gasoline.

what is this thing called? last time, i also changed something in that area, it costed me over 400. did the last mechanic used a bad one for me? it only lasted about 2 years.

here is the picture link.
actually i think that the last mechanic changed that thing with the blue tubes.

now this mechanic told me that i have to change that thing with those 3 gray tubes.

he told me that it will cost over 400, is that right? thanks.
1992, how much does it cost to repair it? thanks.
(2012-03-19 19:42:14)

A: Yes, You did not provide the year of your Camry? But, I Know what the "Thing in the middle" is, This is called a EVAP Canister assembly: (Image)
This a common failure on the Camry, Toyota has PLENTY in stock!

what is the cheapest car to maintain?

(2012-03-20 19:26:55)

A: The ones you do preventative maintenance on and that have a warranty. Any car is suspect. Look at the problems that Toyota was/is having. Keep your tires inflated, don't run out of fluids or let them get low, keep an eye on your gauges, keep your car vacuumed and waxed and investigate any strange noises, smells, vibrations, etc. Bumper to bumper warranties negate most expenses and preventative maintenance can avoid others. A reliable and cheap mechanic helps too. Go for reliable over cheap. Taking a car to the dealership for regular maintenance can save you money too. Good dealerships inspect the car even when they do an oil change and often give rebates to repeat customers.

Are Intel AMDs Good Quality PSUs?

Q: Hi, I was just informed that a poor quality PSU can fry your entire system and it is very important to get a good quality power supply unit. I was wondering, is an Intel AMD PSU of acceptable quality? Has anyone had their system fried by an Intel AMD PSU? Thanks!
Wow fail, it is a Kentek PSU, for some reason they put "Intel AMD" on it also. Sorry, unfamiliar with PSU brands. Is Kentek an acceptable PSU brand?
(2012-03-21 10:45:12)

A: Intel AMD psu?!?!?

Your Toyota Nissan trollmobile shall not drive us crazy!!

**** Update ****

I've never heard of Kentek, so if you're in the USA suspect it's a really low-quality off-brand. In Europe and Asia there are decent brands which aren't sold elsewhere but in any event, that's not a high-quality brand like Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, XFX, Enermax, Silverstone or OCZ. It's not even an average brand like Cooler Master.

Here's a psu quality tier listing:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Looking for good suggestions for older used cars somewhere from 94-00?

Q: Based on the following criteria, what kind of car would you suggest, and a quick why would be appreciated

- 4 doors
- automatic
- reliable, easy to maintain
- 4 cylinder
(2012-03-20 21:15:25)

A: Don't overlook american cars with the 6 cyl.

The 3800 engines go forever and get pretty good gas mileage compared to the smaller cars.

And, the often cost less than half what an import would.

For example, about 6 years ago, I was getting out of the car business and went to a small dealer auction where they sell mostly lower end trade ins.

Only 2 cars really interested me that night.

A Beautiful 94 Honda Accord in fantastic shape. It had 150,000 miles. Ran & drove great and had ice cold a/c. Problem is, such cars are popular. It sold at wholesale for $3650 the buyer then paid a buyers fee of about $200. ($3850)
(I was willing to pay $3000, but no more and really it was a car I would try to buy for $25-26)

So I let that one go. The other car I was interested in was a 94 buick century. With the 3.1 engine. Ran & drove good, the AC worked but it needed freon, it wasn't as clean as the honda but it had incredibly low mileage. 59,000.

I ended up buying it for $1725 plus I think a $90 buyers fee. $1815 total.

So, same year model with 91,000 less miles for $2035 less. I could have bought TWO low mileage Buick's for the cost of one high mileage honda.

Im still driving the Buick. Yes, I can afford a much nicer car. But this car does what I need and it loses very little in depreciation. So unless the motor or transmission goes out, which I don't expect, but you never know with an old car, I expect to still be driving it years from now.

I always kind of expected I would still dabble in the car business but I haven't and as a result, I haven't found a more expensive car and haven't felt a need to.

Lots of people pay $300 a month to lease a car plus insurance that's very expensive.

I have no car payment and my insurance is $99 every 6 months.

The american cars with the 3100 or 3800 engines get around 19-21 in the city and 28-30 on the highway and you get a LOT better ride. Particularly the bigger cars with the 3800.

If you insist on a 4 cyl. Look into a mazda. They are reasonably priced compared to Honda or Toyota and almost as good. And the ford escorts can be reliable cars.

Alternatives to a Toyota Yaris?

Q: I'm looking for the right car for me. First, I should say what kind of person I am in relation to the kind of car I want.

I'm a minimalist and low income person. Minimalist by choice. Low income not so much by choice. But I manage and live well currently. I don't own a lot of things. I can fit everything I own and more in a Yaris or similar car.

I'm also conservative when it comes to using a car. Often I only drive 2 or 3 times a week. I almost always drive alone. Sometimes I may have one passenger. I never want more than one passenger. I want a car with 2 doors and a trunk door. 2 seats only. I don't want 4 seats. I definitely don't want 4 doors. I don't want to encourage people to think they can ride in my car. I'm not a carpool kind of person. As for using less gas, I already do my part by not driving often(my 2008 Toyota PreRunner, which I got brand new, only has 26,000 miles).

Avoiding passengers, especially rowdy ones that use cars as party rooms, is one of the reasons why I got a truck. But what ended up happening is I get hassled by people who want me to transport their stuff around. And I no longer need a truck's carrying capacity, nor do I want to drive a vehicle with that length(I drive a 2008 Tacoma/PreRunner with Access Cab and 6 ft. bed).

I need a 2 seat car to discourage multiple people from thinking they can ride in my car. Helps me avoid the nagging protests of kids who want to go car hopping. I do what I can to avoid it but I still get nagged. No matter how much older I get(mid 30's), I still get teenagers who think I'm one of the younger people who enjoy smoking and drugs and horse play in a car. I can't seem to ascend to the older, contemporary mannered group of drivers in the eyes of other people, even though I already drive and live like that.

Right now the Yaris is my top choice. Two door(3 counting the trunk door), automatic. L or LE model. Rear seats are easily removed and stored, discouraging multiple would-be passengers. Shorter car, easy to park. Can park in odd spaces if needed. Can hold all my possessions and more.

Some say it wanders at freeway speeds, especially when it's windy. But a good rear sway bar helps alleviate that. But there is the acceleration issue. The 4 cylinder engine, especially in the automatic version. And the whole car is rather light.

I'm wondering if there are any cars out there with only 2 doors that are comparable to the Yaris, but slightly beefier. Just a little heavier and bigger. Preferably with 2 seats only, or rear seats that are easily removed. A clear carrying space from the trunk to the back of the front seats is more important.

There is the Nissan 350Z but it costs far more than I'm able to afford. Also it grabs more attention in public than I'd like. But if there is a car similar to that but more economic, I'd consider it definitely.

There is the 2 door Nissan Altima, but I don't think the rear seats are as easily removable.

Are there any other cars I should consider? More acceleration would be good. Not so much for the fun factor. I'm not a sporty driver. But for practical matters like merging into a faster lane or entering a freeway from a metered light to having to speed into a fast right lane.
I realize this question post is long. Sorry about that. Also, I'm looking at the Fiat 500 Pop. I decided that the Yaris is probably underpowered, especially the automatic which is what I prefer.
(2012-03-20 23:28:25)

A: Sucks no one on Yahoo Answers actually answered this question; its a fair question. Firstly, no to the Fiat. It's even more bumbling and underpowered than the Yaris. HP doesnt account for everything, the Yaris has a good transmission and a good engine that will outlast and outrun the Fiat.

Cars that are two-seater, efficient, quick enough, and doesnt attract too much attention? All you could find was a Yaris? Theres a plethora of other options for this. Heres some;

Suzuki Swift (or Chevrolet Sprint, Pontiac Firefly or Suzuki Forsa or Geo Metro. All the same car really.), Toyota Paseo, Mazda Miata (Convertible and RWD?! At first you may think this suggestion is mad, but its two-seater and very good on fuel.), Honda Civic Coupe (take the backseat out for more acceleration, fuel economy, snappier handling due to less weight, and for the ability to say "f*** off" to people who want a ride since you have no rear seat), Volkswagen Golf (take the rear seat out. It isnt that hard.)

Those cars are all good; but really, and coupe is good too, just take out the rear seats (if any) and you're good to go. It really isnt that hard and it actually is benficial as it gives some more storage space and reduces the weight of the car.

Hope I helped! Happy Motoring Minimalistically!

What are the types of "girl cars" that a man really shouldn't drive as his main transportation?

Q: VW Beetle is one example which comes to mind.
(2012-03-21 07:36:38)

A: Mazda Miata.
Toyota Prius ("I feel like I'm riding in a vagina!" from The Other Guys).
VW Beetle.
Fiat 500 (I don't care if Charlie Sheen did an ad for it!!)

I would also throw in most sub-compacts.

Honda Fit
Ford Fiesta
Chevy Aveo
Mazda 2

Where can I buy a car for $6000 dollars?

Q: I don't want to use craigslist because I almost got scammed any other LEGIT websites I could use?
(2012-03-21 08:14:56)

A: buying a used car is a big pain in the butt at times but the kind of cars I would look for like ones owned by little old ladies or retired couples selling off one car are usually not in craigslist. I know that local papers are a good place to look one thing is that plenty of people are trying to buy a car fix it up or just resell to make money.So being on top of the want ads every day you will know when a new ad comes out.
I know that looking for a good used car is an exercise in patience. And sometimes when you need a car it does not make it easy. but the reality is there are so many crap cars out there patience is all you have to keep from getting a junker.
Dealers usually have crap fur under six grand and anything on a dealer lot that says as is dont buy. If a dealedr cannot warranty a car I dont want it either. Many times dealers will buy 10 or 20 cars at a time and have no idea how good or bad any are. But they sell them to you or me anyway and make money.
toyota nissan subaru and some honda are pretty decent cars. but anytime you buy a high mileage car keep in mind things do wear out. At least with the four manufacturers I mentioned the cars tend to hold up hundreds of thousands of miles with some care and maintenance. So be picky and above all patient. some of the best cars I ever found were on the side of the road with a for sale sign in them. Some people ask too much but most dont. and one thing I found is to do a cold start test drive. Any car that has sat at least overnight that you can start up get running smoothly and drive off in the first few minutes that runs good as it warms up and lets you get up to freeway speed (55 ) easily is probably in pretty good shape.

Your top 10 cars of all time?

Q: What are your top 10 cars of recent memory? Any cars but prefirably 1960+. Anyway I prefer modern cars. My top 10(no order) Ferrari enzo, dodge viper, Range rover, Lamborghini murcielago/Aventador, Lamborghini Reventon, Ford gt, porsche carrera gt, audi tt,Bughatti Veryon, Nissan GTR.
(2012-03-20 13:40:52)

A: Its part personal taste, part based on historical importance/most impacting on the industry.
Amc Gremlin-small enough to have great turning (if power steering equipped) and easy to park, but capacity for a racing engine.Great rear visibiliy.This is just my personal fave.
1970s-80s Mercedes with the 230 body style and 1980s BMW 5 series.Better than the less reliable cars both build now and as rock-solid and durable as anything ever built.When the world ends, there will still be a few driving around.
VW Beetle-cheap, easy to maintain, iconic, and still in good supply for its age.Few cars are as cherised and as easily identifiable.Even in places where there arent many old cars, Beetles still can be found.
Honda Accord and Toyota Corolla-2 cars that raised the bar for America. The big 3 was pressured to try harder due to the success of these cars, and focus more on quality.It was Americas wake-up call.
Cadillac-If its good enough to be a presidential limo,its good enough for anyone.
1975-80 Chevy Monza spyder. I just like the styling.
Any Rolls Royce. As high up as a driver can get on the ladder.
Chevrolet Corvette-proof America can still compete.

The 2007 subaru impreza 2.5i RS or the 2004 impreza WRX as a first car?

Q: Im debating between these two great cars as my first car.

Im a junior in highschool, and i know with the WRX insurance is gonna sky rocket. I found an '04 WRX for $13.9k with a little over 80k miles. Its almost completely stock with an STi oem intercooler. I would definitley get this just becuase i drove one, and the car is just orgasmic. The sound, the handling, OMG.

My second choice is a '07 Impreza 2.5i RS. Its $14k (seller is ok with debating the price) with 30.5k miles. Completely stock. The problem with it is the owner says the clutch is kinda "sticky" and couldnt explain it. Should i drive 40 miles to a place i dont know and test this car out, get the WRX instead, or keep searching for an RS?
(2012-03-18 13:31:48)

A: If you buy a Subaru you will never stop paying for it. Heaps of power and great handling but Subarus are just a hole in the air surrounded by tin into which you pour money. Huge fuel consumption and high maintenance. Buy a Toyota.

What's a good car for a good 1st car for a male?

Q: I want something that costs less then 7 grand, 2 door, and has to look good
(2012-03-20 00:33:16)

A: Are you looking something realiable , sport or fuel efficient?

-Toyota MR2
- Toyota Supra
-Honda integra
-Skyline 32/33/34
-Honda civic ek
- Honda prelude
- old school bmw
- lancer gli (abit girly)
-Nissan silvia s13-14

Many more, Everyone has different taste of cars. just listing a few cars that i would get :)

Is Mercedes Benz better than Toyota?

Q: Not status wise. Quality wise
(2012-03-20 16:59:49)

A: nope...Ive heard of the old mercedes running for like 5 or 6 hundred thousand miles but the newer ones like all cars these days arent as good. The cost of ownership is a lot higher and if something breaks you'll end up paying a lot more. If youre looking for a good economical car that wont give you problems its a toyota hands down.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nice car for a teenager girl that is fun to drive?

Q: When I turn 18 I get any car I want within reason. I know for a fact I want a car with the top that comes down but I also would like for the it to be safe to drive and to all that other stuff people look at when they are looking for cars. Please help, I know absolutely nothing about cars. Thanks!
(2012-03-18 11:11:47)

A: Convertibles are nice and fun but not exactly safe. If you want a good car that's fun to drive look at Honda or Toyota they make good cars that run a long time. As far as a convertible the last generation Toyota MR2 is a good choice and a blast to drive. If you want newer I'd say Mazda Miata is a good choice.

what is the popularest car in the US?

Q: what car do people like the most and buy the most?
(2012-03-19 14:47:10)

A: The Honda Accord is the top seller, averaging 30,000+ sold a month. Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry are contenders.

Looking to buy a used car about a couple of years old?

Q: I'm looking for a vehicle around the $9000-$13,000 range and gets very good gas mileage. Any ideas on the make and model of cars that would fit this category?
(2012-03-18 14:22:42)

A: Toyota, Toyota, Toyota.
Toyotas last forever. Toyotas don't break and are super reliable.
Don't forget what cars are for. They are not status symbols or extensions of your manhood - they are simply a tool designed to get you there, and it should be at the lowest possible price.

Monday, March 19, 2012

How to search for small trucks on Craigslist?

Q: I'm looking for those "baby" type trucks that have the tiny cab and bed. I wnat any type of truck: Chevy, Toyota's... I just don't know how to search for those certain types of trucks. I don't want the bigs one, or semi small ones. What would I type in??

These type of trucks:
No, i'm not joking. I really don't know how to search for just THOSE type of trucks. I type in mini truck and i get these stupid looking things.
(2012-03-18 12:51:41)

A: You have to do it by each model name at a time. Try "Ford Ranger" "Chevy S10" or "Toyota Tacoma". Dodge, Nissan and Isuzu and Mazda all make them too, but they are not as popular.

What are some nice looking and gas saving car for 1994-2002?

Q: Just recently had my car stolen and I am going to try to see how much money I can accumulate at the end of the month. I need a car to get to class and to work. I might be able to gather at least 3000 by borrowing and a little I have saved up. I have looked at some car that are gas savers, but they don't look nice at all. I like something semi sporty if possible. Also something that won't be breaking down a lot, I am a college student with a limited budget. Any suggestions would be appreciated. ^_^
Edit: Well the motorcycle idea was the first to cross my mind, but LA traffic is not exactly motorcycle safe. So that is a no.
Edit: I also checked out the echo, looks nice but kinda bubly, although fixed up it looks like it has potential.
Edit: The integra was one of my first choices, but i'm trying to avoid cars that are targeted for theft. My honda was stolen for the parts i'm assuming, it wasn't fixed up or anything. It is common in LA.
(2012-03-18 14:40:13)

A: Just saw a 2002 Toyota Echo today that the guy had put some sport wheels, tinted windows and rally lights on. An ugly little thing with just a few details he made this reliable cheap gas sipper look decent.

What would be a good cheap car brand except for volkswagon ?

(2012-03-18 16:58:23)

A: Volkswagon and bmw are expensive to maintain but honda and toyota are your best bet

Are Honda Civic's really that great for a first car?

Q: I am getting my first car soon,in a couple of weeks for my birthday!

I was looking a lot of people looking for a starter car, and everyone was like. Honda, Honda, Honda..

What is so great for a Honda to be a starter car..?
(2012-03-18 19:53:23)

A: Really any car can be good or bad regardless if its new or used it all depends on so many things like who made it, where it was made, where did the parts come from to make it and how well it was put together.Also things like how someone drives it, or takes care of it all affect how good any car will perform and what future work might be regarded.Note before buying any used car always have another mechanic or shop check the car out be sure they perform a full safety check on it and try to find out what work records the seller may have and check out Ca Fax etc to find out the history of the vehicle .

One main rule is never purchase a certain make/model etc of vehicle just bec other ppl may say it's a good car you really have to take in mind several factors.For example you want to purchase a vehicle that you know that model has been out for at least 5 years bec usually most or all the bugs should be worked out by that time.Again it's really about who makes it etc bec some manufactures put out cars they know have defects in them even before their sold to the public and others make sure they do their best to make the car right in the first place and if any faults found they try to fix the problem before putting out another model the following year.

I gather by you mentioning it's your first car that you're a young teen or adult and you should really try to find a car that is made to be really good on fuel and is solid/durable, long lasting and reliable such as a Honda Accord or Civic or a Toyota Corolla or a Volkswagen etc.Note you really should take insurance costs into consideration be sure you find out exactly what different insurance companies want to charge you to insure you and the year/make/model of car you want to purchase before ever agreeing to purchase any car.Also keep in mind certain insurance companies offer 10-15% discounts to new drivers that have a valid drivers education certificate.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way I recommend you check out the most recent edition of the Lemonaid Book it tells you all about the reasons you would or wouldn't purchase different makes and models of vehicles, plus it's a real eye opener for anybody interested in purchasing new or used cars.

Where is my fuel filter?

Q: I have a 1986 Toyota Pickup, 4WD, A/T, Fuel injected, longbed. I want to change the fuel filter but I cannot find it. I read that it was along the passenger side frame rail or under the intake but I can't find it anywhere.
(2012-03-17 13:20:52)

A: towards the back of the fuel rail. just b4 the regulator. back of engine.
there is a sock filter on the in-tank pump as well.
the problem you may have is, over the years, someone may have stuck an in-line filter anywhere. i've seen some changed to mounting on the firewall. but you'd have seen that.

if you want a free genuine toyota FSM for this, go here, far better than anything found in an auto parts store.

Do hybrid cars last as long as regular cars?

Q: Do they have more maintenance issues, less maintenance issues or about the same. Do properly maintained hybrids get 200,000+ miles like properly maintained regular cars.
(2012-03-17 16:24:59)

A: In general they last as long as any other car as best we can see now. The Toyota Prius has been around longer and has more cars sold than any other hybrid type, so this answer applies mostly to that model.

I see multiple first generation Prius in my area and these cars came out in 2001. I have no idea how much mileage they might have but I suspect it is at least 150,000 miles. The story below involves a Prius with over 200,000 miles on it and the battery functions just as well now as the day it came out.

Additionally, if you take a look at Consumer Reports, you will find Prius owners rate their cars at near the top of any car out there. Ours is daily new and has just over 15,000 miles and it is great.

Because hybrids use regenerative braking, you will find that your brakes last quite a bit longer on a hybrid than a non hybrid.

Rob is clueless when he says you don't really save any money on gas. You most certainly do save money. Ours gets at or just over 50 MPG in town and it still gets 45 MPG or so with the AC running full out in the middle of the summer going 80 to 85 on the freeway on the way to LA.

Can anyone give me a list or tell me where I can find a list of cars 4 cylinder and less please?

(2012-03-17 16:10:12)

A: Ford Escort, Focus, Fiesta, Escape
Chevy Cavalier, Cobalt, Cruze, Aveo, Sonic, S10, Blazer, Colorado
GMC Canyon
Pontiac G5, Sunfire, G3, Aztek
Saturn Ion, Sky, Aura, Vue, and other older models.
Dodge Neon, Avenger, Dart, Calibur, Dakota
Honda Civic, Fit, Insight, Accord, Element, CR-V, Passport, Prelude, S2000, Del Sol, CRX, CRZ
Toyota Corolla, Echo, Prius, Camry, Matrix, MR2, Celica, RAV4, Tacoma
Acura TSX, Integra, RSX
BMW 323i, new 2012 328i, new Z4 2.8, Z3.
Audi A4 Turbo, A3 turbo, TT turbo.
Volkswagen Golf, Rabbit, GTI, GLI, Tiguan, Passat, Jetta, Polo, Beetle
Porsche 911(1st generation), 944, 924.
Jeep Compass
Mitsubishi Lancer, Galant, Outlander, Eclipse
Mercedes C class, 1st gen SLK, A class.
Subaru Impreza, Legacy
Scion tC, xA, xB, xD, iQ
Smart Fortwo, ForFour, Roadster
Mazda Protege, 323, 626, 3, 6, 2, MX-3, MX-6, Tribute, CX-7, 5, MX-5(Miata), Mazdaspeed cars
Nisaan Sentra, Altima, 240sx, Versa
Infiniti G20
Hyundai Accent, Tiburon, Genesis Coupe, Sonata, Elantra, Tuscon, Veloster.
Kia Rio, Spectra, Koup, Sportage, Optima.
Suzuki Foreza, SX-4, Kizashi, etc.

I am probably forgetting 50+ cars, but this is a list of the most common.

looking for my first car, cant get a sports car but what are some other decent affordable cars?

Q: looking at grand prixs, any other decent cars?
(2012-03-17 21:55:16)

A: well dont look at grand prixs then i would suggest a nissan sentra, altima,maxima or toyota corolla or camry or honda civic or accord (newer than 03) or ford escort, and focuses arent bad they will save you gas and be cheap on insurance plus they will be good to hold your friends and if you get one thats well looked after it will keep you on the road awhile (just be careful dont act stupid and drive courtious)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is a geo prizm really the same as a corolla?

Q: I'm looking for a cheap gas saving reliable car. At first I was looking at corolla's however I saw something called a Geo Prizm. Nvr heard of it before. STarting reading about it and it's supposed to be the same as a corolla. Only down side was no good resale. I'm not planning on reselling. So is a geo prizm really the same as a corolla?
(2012-03-17 09:21:07)

A: Geo was GM's re-branded car division, for example you just found out that the Prizm is a Corolla (both built at NUMMI in California) but there were also a few re-brand Suzuki vehicles, like the Sidekick/Vitara and Swift which became the Tracker and Metro built at CAMI in Canada.

The Pontiac Vibe is also the same as the Toyota Matrix.

What do you think of the 2007 Hyundai azera limited ?

Q: Good, bad cheap or any other thing
(2012-03-17 15:45:27)

A: I bought one new for my wife late in 2007.... the dealer only seen the car once and that was to change the way the doors locked. Have had no problems at all and also gets good gas mileage. Better then the car I had before with 3.0L and the Azera has a lot more power with the 3.8L. I have found the car to be the best car ever owned and that includes Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Cadillac among other brands.

Is it okay for a guy to drive a Gold 2008 Camry LE?

Q: What I'm trying to say is whether or not it's a "manly" car?
(2012-03-17 22:15:31)

A: It is a good car! Toyota's are awesome. I bought my first Toyota in 1991. You can not go wrong with the purchase.
My husband drives a Toyota as well. He is a 6 foot 4 man.

what are some cheap convertibles?

(2012-03-17 23:50:21)

A: Mazda Miata
Toyota Celica
Geo Metro

Why is the Honda civic a target of car thefts?

Q: I'm wondering cause i read that it was the most stolen car in the US, rated before the Cadillac escalade.
And out of curiosity what's the chance of a Toyota Prius being stolen. And a Subaru impreza WRX?
The Prius has car tracking technology sort of like the GM on star, and would it be worth it to pay for the service?
(2012-03-16 19:13:10)

A: The older Honda Civics are a target for car thefts due to the fact that they lacked factory security systems. Civics (and many other cars built by other manufacturers) built before the late 1990s did not have factory alarms or engine immobilizers.
Now that engine immobilizers are found on almost every vehicle these days, it has become much harder for thieves to drive away with your vehicle. (not impossible but more difficult)
Another reason why they are a target is because Honda Civics were once (and still are) hot sellers. Parts are always in demand.
The chance of a Toyota Prius being stolen is probably no different than any other modern vehicle. All Prius(s) should have engine immobilizers, so the chance of someone braking into your vehicle and driving away is unlikely. Besides, are Pruis(s) really desirable?
A Subaru Impreza WRX is a different story. Heavily sought after by tuners, with the knowledgeable skills, it is possible for a thief drive away with a WRX even with engine immobilizers and alarm systems. These security systems deter thieves, and not thief proof. GPS tracking devices is a solution however.
GPS tracking devices requires a subscription fee to keep the service going.
I find them to be unnecessary. Modern aftermarket alarm systems with a back-up battery will do the job just fine.
A thief driving away from your vehicle is unlikely, however my main concern are thieves who are just interested in breaking in your vehicle for your belongings, OEM parts, and wheels.
With factory alarm systems that do not have a backup battery, a thief can break into your vehicle (with the alarm going off), pop the hood, and unplug the main battery within just a couple of minutes.
Other then that, a good car insurance can sometimes save your ***.

Do you have any domestic matters? The List, C/c?

Q: Just add it to the list he says
-Paper towels, panties,
have you seen these things I am wearing?
-Not lately.
-Well, anyway, I don't need lace, satin or
even nylon for Christ's sake,
just the five pack from Wal-mart,
you know just the cotton kind.
-You mean big ole white bloomers?
-No, you know what I mean.
I also need a bic lighter, these free lighters
make me have a callous on my thumb.
-Maybe you should quit.
-Oh, yeah, are we going to start that again?
-No, I am just saying,
O.K. let me get this straight,
you need panties, and a lighter.
Anything else?
-Oh and post-it-notes and bandaids
-I love you honey.
Sue - I couldn't live very long without my animals. Truly. They give me joy. Hey - we never run out of anything for them. heehee.
(2012-03-17 16:54:49)

A: Man, THAT'S love!!! Your husband will buy your panties???? What a guy! pa never would!
Your write is the first thing that's inspired me to write in days. May I add my "List," too?

The List

Let's see,
Weight Control Iam's for Roscoe
Regular for the rest
Milk Bones
Raw Hides
Oh, that's right, Faith ate the Frisbee
New Frisbee
Water Feeder that doesn't go glub, glub as it fills
'cause it scares Lucy and she's getting dehydrated
Benadryl for Hope, the orange blossoms are killing her
Shredded cheese to sprinkle on their dry food
(it's the only way they'll eat it)
"Honey, I'm making a run to Wal-Mart,
you need anything?"
"ummmmm, yeah, we need some new tennis balls....
the ones we have are flat and don't bounce,
I'm trying to see how high in the air Hope will jump.
You oughtta see that dang dog jump!"
I read him the list and he laughed (or cried, I'm not sure),
"Can't we just claim them all as deductions on our taxes????"
Halfway out the door, he calls out to me,
"Sue, the pups just tore the leg off their Teddy Bear,
don't come home without one!"
And I step up into our "new" 2002 Tahoe
for which we recently traded our Toyota Rav4


Pathetic, I'm ashamed to admit to this, but it's absolutely all true!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What are some automotive career options with good pay?

Q: I'm 16, I'm in a highschool autoshop. I'm one of the top people in autoshop. I'm really more into the import scene, but I like anything other than your standard daily driver (whether that be jacked up trucks, muscle cars, or w/e). I'm also one of the top students in my grade, However I don't apply myself to the fullest. Don't get me wrong, I still get good grades, mostly A's and 1 or 2 high B's. But I have reached a dilemma. I know I still have a little while to decide what I want to do with my life, but that time is slowly going away. I know I definitively want to join the military (probably Army or USAF), but after that I want to do something automotive related. Originally I wanted to do car customization, but my teachers (including my autoshop teacher) said I was too smart to be working in an autoshop for a leaving. They all say that because I have superior writing and math skills, I should do something that makes a ton of money. But I just can see myself doing anything else other than work on cars. I mean, I love it. That's the only way to describe it. But everyone says I'm "wasting my knowledge". Now don't tell me I should become an engineer. I don't want to be sitting at a desk designing the next Toyota Camry... No. I want hands on. That's all there is to it. Please help.
(2012-03-16 20:29:44)

A: If your any good you'll make a living, wont get rich, but as long as you enjoy it money is second in the equation. if your really good and have a good business sense then you can make a good living, if you were to actually have a engineering degree and somehow sit at that desk at Toyota then you might be able able to retire comfortably someday, if not look forward to hard work and busted up arthritic hands by the time your 60, with no hope of social security, as the illegal aliens will have dried that well out long before your able to collect.

Filling up Coolant In Toyota?

Q: I have a Toyota Camry XLE 2007 which has only about 15,000 miles on it. The person before me never really drove it, but now that I have been driving it I've checked under the hood. I found that the pink coolant in the overflow reservoir is very much below the "minimum" level mark. In what way should I refill it? Should I empty all of the current coolant and then put new stuff in (considering it's 5 years old, yet still has a nice pink color)? Or do I simply add coolant to the reservoir?
(2012-03-16 23:06:52)

A: Just fill the reservoir to the "minimum" line when cold with a 50/50 mix of pink Toyota Super Long Life Coolant (SLLC) and purified water - never tap water. The SLLC is replaced every 10 years or 100K miles (I think it is actually on the maintenance schedule for 96K or 120K miles). Toyota changed from the 5 year / 50K mile red LLC coolant in 2004.

Do not substitute any other coolant. The Toyota manual for my 2002 Prius (red LLC) does not call for flushing - just draining and refilling. I flush systems that use conventional green antifreeze or orange Dexcool because there are visible changes in those coolants as they age, but not other coolants.

If your XLE has a V6 engine, take proper coolant very seriously. In 2007 Toyota started using the 3.5L V6. In order to replace the water pump the engine and transmission assembly has to be completely removed from the car! In the 2006 model year replacing the water pump was a $350 - $500 job; in the 2007 model year it jumped to $1000-$1300.

Agree or Disagree: Most female japanese wrestlers are better than male WWE wrestlers?

(2012-03-16 23:30:07)

A: I disagree. There are a lot of talented Joshi out there, don't get me wrong, but I think a few of them are quite overhyped by the puro fanboys. Also you have to take into consideration that not ALL WWE wrestlers are bad. Sure, women like Hamada and Toyota are flashier in the ring than someone like, let's say, Cena, but when it comes down to storytelling and putting all of that flippity mess together, there aren't many that can do it well.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a strong supporter of the female movement in wrestling with promotions like Shimmer and Ice Ribbon, but for the most part, there still aren't very many women who can match up with men. There are a few like Cheerleader Melissa who could wrestle rings around Raw's main event, or Sara Del Rey who can go hold for hold with any man, and even LuFisto whose probably bled more this year than every man in the WWE put together, but they're a rare breed, even in women's promotions built around wrestling.

I turned 16 today and I am looking to buy a car.?

Q: I have various options to choose from I like trucks, SUV's, sport cars but my main concern here is the car brand the price range isn't a problem right now. I was thinking of a truck since I have a job where I pick up some food supplies, working supplies, etc. Any car that's fuel efficient, reliable, great crash rating. You guys be the judge give a car brand and elaborate what's good and what's bad I'll decide when I have enough answers.
Yeah Japanese are okay, Mitsibushi, Honda. Other suggestions are great I'm still looking at the pros and cons of all the vehicles.
(2012-03-16 22:37:24)

A: toyota Hilux.

its a bloody legend

Friday, March 16, 2012

Out of the top 5 globally highest selling companies which one do you think makes the best vehicle?

Q: The highest selling companies over the past 40-60 years said by stock merchants which are on statistics are always GM, Toyota, ford, honda, chrysler. Which gives the best satisfaction for the money in your opinion and why?
(2012-03-14 19:51:58)

A: I never buy foreign cars, they are made of cheap metal and rust easily, plus they are taking food from American mouths (their engines do seem to run for a long time though, not sure why)
With that said, if I had to choose, it would be GM, either a Buick, or a GMC, then Chevy, then Ford, then Toyota (paper thin frames and body, that's why they are good on gas), then Honda (expensive to keep running if they have to be worked on), and last Chrysler
actually I wouldn't ever buy a Chrysler, even though I hear the new ones are getting better, but as far as Im concerned, they owe Americans billions for the Dodge Intrepid and other junk models they sold us for years (arguably the worst car ever made)

Why does Chevrolet or American cars suck?

Q: I need some UN-BIASED reasons of why Chevrolet cars are not reliable, in comparison to foreign cars such as Nissan, Toyota, Honda's, etcetera...

I am debating with a student, he claims that "Chevy" is the best, but he's going appearance and speed of a car on a race track...
(2012-03-15 12:24:48)

A: Well to start with American car manufactures are getting squeezed by the unions. UAW cuts the profits that force the company to make it up in other areas, like quality or move their plants out of the United States. Japan manufactures are non-union and are build cars here in the USA with high quality.

As for your student, what race track? Nascar? Toyota is new and has been climbing up the charts quickly.

Chevy was great prior to 1975 but quality has dropped since.

My 2009 Toyota Camry Engine Shakes and Shakes?

Q: I was recently gifted a nice 2009 Camry with just over 100K miles on it. I've noticed the engine shakes much (much) more than what I'm used to seeing. I realize I need to post a video to get an accurate response but do any of your knowlegable car people think a car with these stats would shake quite a lot under the hood? It almost seems as if the entire engine wants to jump out. I think it will have to lose a bolt or two eventually at this pace. I've dropped it off at the garage tonight to have my mechanic give me his opinion tomorrow, but I wonder if you guys would be alarmed by a very shaky engine on this car? Thanks for any replies to this vague question.
(2012-03-15 17:02:49)

A: Sounds electrical to me, like a misfiring spark plug or bad coil. You may get lucky on this one, Toyota makes a decent and reliable engine as long as they are maintained

If you had just $2000 what car would you get?

Q: I would get a miata or mustang 5.0 foxbody. However trying to find one under that price with a clean title is kind of hard, that's manual and in good condition.

what would you get? assuming you don't want an everyday grandma car.

a fun daily commuter
(2012-03-14 23:25:52)

A: I bought an 89 MR2 a few years back for 1000, a friend of mine had a miata at the same time. Playing with them together and driving them back to back, I have to say I prefered the Toyota. It has shockingly good ergos.

Itd be hard to find a decent 5.0 in that price range. I have a 94, which has the 5.0 but in the newer body (which I find prettier) with the better interior and suspension, but a little more weight. I dont like the motor as much, but the 96-98 4.6 are cheaper, and you should be able to find one for 2k without too much trouble.

I couple months ago a friend of mine bought a nice LT1 Camaro for 1900, which he promptly crashed. That seemed like an extemley strong buy though.

I really like the Cougar/T-Bird/Turbo Coupe/Super Coupe/Mark VII family, and you can get them cheap.
Ive owned a 5.0 cougar (traded for a bronco, which I traded for a wrecked Saleen, which I bought for $1800 and used the transmission out of) A 4.6 T bird which I bought for 700, and a Super Coupe which I got for 1200. A friend bought a decent turbo coupe for 1100. There is a Mark VIII locally Ive been eyeing for 1900.

Ive never had either, but a 280ZX or E30 BMW seem like good prospects. Light, decent styling, good on gas reasonably tourquey (unlike miata/Mr2), good handling, and can be had cheaply. They are old though.

As far as trucks, Id look for a Cherokee 4x4. Ive also noticed early 90s F250/350s real cheap, but those are kinda underpowered and terrible on gas.

Have you known almost all of Japanese names have meanings?

Q: For example, the meaning of TOYOTA is a fertile rice field, NISSAN means everyday production and HONDA is a main rice field. We don't live on rice but wheat, what do you say about that?
I heard that Soichiro Honda didn't want to name his company his name. I guess he wanted his company much more public because he had not made rice but motorcycles.
(2012-03-15 16:49:05)

A: Honda, Toyota, Matsuda (Mazda), and Suzki are family name of founder.
Nissan's origin word was NIppon Sangyo (means Japan Industry) . shorty Ni-San (just like J-Indus)
Mitsubishi is founder's family emblem name.
Daihatsu's origin word is 大阪発動機 / Oosaka Hatsudouki (means Osaka Engine ) shortly 大発 Dai-hatsu

Meaning of the surname is no deep meaning for modern people.
they are just sound.

by the way,Toyota city was named after car company Toyota,
and long time ago, Suzuka city(famous Suzuka Circuit's city) also suggested that the change to Honda city from Suzuka city. but Soichiro Honda didn't want to his city name change historic place name to own company name

Who's your projection for Mississippi & Alabama?

Q: My prediction, Alabama will go to Rick Santorum & Mississippi will go to Newt Gingrich.
(2012-03-13 17:02:39)

A: Alabama is more industrialized... well, ever since Colonel Hailey paid $2mill per job for Toyota and whatnot to come there, Missassippa has been a'git'n more industelawzed too...

I say they both go to Santorum

What comes to your mind when you read 1.South Africa , 2.Russia , 3.New Zealand , 4.Japan...?

(2012-03-15 13:27:58)

A: South Africa - diamonds, springboks, rhinos, safari
Russia - cossacks, kremlin, communism, vodka
New Zealand - rugby, sheep, maori, lord of the ring trilogy
Japan - samarai, sushi, toyota, honda

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where could this leak be?

Q: I have a 2001 Toyota Tacoma regular cab. The other day after a long rain, the carpet was very wet- more so on the drivers side. The windows were rolled up. There used to be an XM radio antenna passing through the windshield on the drivers side, but it was removed and a tech said it should not have leaked.There are no indications of water having run down anywhere, such as under the dash or at the bottoms of the doors, as far as I could see. The carpets were dry in back towards the sliding window, and the truck was parked facing slightly uphill.
(2012-03-14 17:25:04)

A: yes I believe what you were saying I typed " 01 toyota tacoma water leak in cab?" in the web search box ot the upper right of the page and found a number of links in the results page this was a problem in a number of years and appears to be related to a defect under the cowling that all the windshield wiper motors and linkage sits on. There is a recall and a technical service bulliten its based on vin. I dont know if its still good for your truck but regardless it needs to be fixed.
Click on the links to the resutts page and check it out or you can go to and look for the recalls and complaints for your year make and model. another website has more info on your vehicle. also has access to information about your pickup.
best of luck hope this helps.

i'm planning to buy suv model car?

Q: i'm planning to buy SUV car my budjet is 15L to 22L, i expect better road clearance and better mileage, please suggest me a best answer
(2012-03-14 10:50:18)

A: mahindra XUV5oo is one best one(u'll save a 7 lakh) . if u r a brand conscious go for Toyota fortuner (it may little cross your budget ) . but both are in high demand, its not easy to get on-road after booking . long waiting period is the problem.

what was considered sporty in 1990?

Q: I know its an odd question, but in 1990 what where the "cool" cars?
I know as of today, the Toyota tundra, lancer, lamborghini aventador, Chevy camaro, mustangs, 350/370Z are considered "cool" cars.
I was born in 1990, and i was wondering what the "cars to have" where in1988-1992.

Please only people who where driving in 1988-92
(2012-03-13 21:01:11)

A: The Toyota Tundra is not and never was a cool car.

Also, back then you got the Nissan 180sx, Nissan 240sx, Nissan 240Z, Nissan Fairlady Z, Toyota Soarer, Ford Mustang, Mazda Miata, Mazda RX-7, Acura NSX, Porsche 911 Turbo, and theres many more.

What car should my son purchase?

Q: My son has had his license for quite sometime and my wife and I decided it's time to get him a car, for his job, school, and internship.

We weren't sure which brand of used car we should purchase. We have although narrowed it down to Nissan, Ford, and Toyota. Which of the three is the safest for a 16-year-old driver?

Thank you!
(2012-03-14 16:02:16)

A: Toyota is definitely the safest.

However, as a teenager, I do love a good looking car, and something with a little power (but still safe).

I would recommend the Toyota Celica specifically, due to it's high safety ratings, sporty look, and decent power (with safety in mind).

Check out my car:

Maruti Ertiga price, features, review, specification?

(2012-03-13 23:17:48)

A: Maruti Ertiga is the most compact and unique car of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, all time known for small segment’s and hatchback car’s in the world. Now a time Maruti Ertiga is competes with wagon R, Swift, Alto and Zen Estilo. But price is not Competitive in all above car’s. Maruti Ertiga width is more than Ritz and strong and good looking also. The manufactures of this car have done good work in response to impressive length and wheelbase design. MPV is designed Maruti Ertiga specifications according to large Indian household which is fully suitable for combination of functional usability.

The Maruti Ertiga has good quality dimensions are match little- little with Toyota innova. In comparison to Maruti Ritz , Ertiga wheel base is 380mm longer. Ertiga’s exterior is fully loaded with good quality alloy wheel’s and stylish features and also mirrors, body colored bumper’s and many other things.

Maruti Ertiga is available in both petrol and diesel model, and It has six variant’s in LXI, VXI, ZXI, LDI, VDI, ZDI Series. Maruti Ertiga Petrol Model has mileage 13 kmpl on city road’s and 17 Kmpl mileage on highway road’s. Same mileage is in diesel model by increasing 2 kmpl in above information of average. Maruti Ertiga is a multi functional utility vehicle. It has no good quality safety features but some features are expected by customer’s like Airbag’s, engine immobilizer, roof and anti lock breaking system (ABS) etc. Maruti Ertiga price is competitive in segment car’s. Ertiga Diesel price is 7.5 to 8.5 Lakh, and the Ertiga petrol price is in between 7.5 to 8.5 lakh rupees.

If you want more information of maruti Ertiga then you can follow this url..

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What do you think of the new Subaru BRZ?

Q: I personally think it will be great. I am anticipating buying one after they release the 3rd year or so to let them work out kinks. It's the perfect balance of style and power. Not overdoing it. Everyone is saying the interior needs a lot of work, but I think it looks pretty awesome the way it is.. The Subaru is about the driving experience, so the interior looks very suited to the car. Let me know your thoughts!
I would agree. I think releasing it with around 198 was a little shabby for Subaru's reputation. However, the weight difference between this and the WRX would probably set them a little closer together than the numbers alone. The 0-60 in the BRZ is estimated around 5.8, with the WRX coming in around 5.4. Plus i'm sure it will only be a matter of 2-3 years until they release a beefed up turbo version, either WRX or STi.
(2012-03-12 18:58:33)

A: The BRZ 0-60mph time is 6.8 seconds. Not 5.8 seconds. But yes, Subaru confirmed a 300HP turbocharged version in the future and Toyota confirmed a 250HP TRD Supercharged version of their Scion FRS/Toyota GT86.

In Comparison,
The 210HP Hyundai Genesis 2.0T goes from 0-60mph in 6.9 seconds.
The 200HP Honda Civic Si and Acura RSX Type S go from 0-60mph in 6.7 seconds
The 200HP Volkswagen GTI goes from 0-60mph in 6.7 seconds.
The 200HP 1st gen Porsche Boxster base goes from 0-60mph in 6.6 seconds, and it weighs the same as the BRZ.

They already tested the BRZ and listed the performance figures on Car & Driver, Motortrend, Edmunds Insideline.

I like the BRZ. I love the interior. The interior looks like classic Porsche 911 interior. Very basic and sporty and functional. Not too flashy. They also said the handling is 70% as good as the Porsche Cayman S' handling. The Cayman S is one of the best handling cars in the world. Which means the BRZ handles very well.

What's a good first car?

(2012-03-12 19:57:53)

A: This is going to depend on what you are looking for in a vehicle. How many people to do you want to comfortably fit in it? What kind of options and features would you like? What kind of fuel economy do you want to have? What is your budget for a price range? Do you want a vehicle with two or four doors? Do you want a vehicle that is front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or all wheel drive?

Once you get the above questions answered you will be able to choose from vehicles like the Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Sonic, GMC Terrain, Buick Verano, Ford Edge, Ford Mustang, Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Camaro, Cadillac CTS-V Coupe and the list can go on and on.

Michelle, GM Customer Service

What is a good first car nice, and fast thats under 25k?

(2012-03-14 17:05:33)

A: For a first car I suggest you get something under 10k. Its a first car, the novelty will wear off and you you're more than likely going to accumulate a few dings. Toyota is an ultimately reliable car. If you are really keen on a 'fast' car go for a Subaru (impreza maybe) or a mazda. Theres nissans too (skylines).

HEY DEMOCRATS, did you fill your gas tank today?

Q: Those OBAMA gas prices just keep going up huh?? And now we find out energy secretatry Chu wanted this all along, which means OBAMA wanted it all along. How does this help the middle class? Why is OBAMA making oil companies rich??
(2012-03-14 02:18:49)

A: Here in Texas, gas is about $3.65 a gallon now. DAMN OBAMA!!! I drive a little Toyota Yaris, which gets nearly 40mpg around town, and around 48 or so on the highway. I also have a small pickup, but that is generally driven by my husband. We just conserve where we can. To hell with the tyrant Obama, and his communist buddy Chu.

Is it just me or is there strong resemblance between the Saab 9-5 and 2012 Toyota Camry?

Q: Both look strikingly similar in design...I'm actually digging the Camry.

Check out pics:
(2012-03-11 22:56:52)

A: There is no any resemblance between the Saab 9-5 and 2012 Toyota Camry not in their look and not in the performance and features too.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Could mechanic have damaged my wheel bearing?

Q: I took my 2008 Scion (35,000 miles) to the mechanic for some work on the breaks. They balanced my tires "as a favor" as well. On the way home, car started to make noise which got progressively worse. Felt like tire may fall off! I called the mechanic, who said no way was it anything they could have done. They looked at it and said it was the wheel bearing and the timing was simply coincidence. Since they obviously took the tires off to balance, and I imagine took some things off to get to the breaks, this seems suspicious to me? 35k seems early for this to just happen? Thank you!
(2012-03-12 12:35:25)

A: These are "Hat" style BRAKE rotors on this vehicle, they simply fall off the hub once the calipers and the Philips retaining screws are removed (there are no pullers needed) I believe an incompetent Technician didn't either tighten the caliper bride bolts or the slide pin bolts! (how will anyone make ANY money by doing work "as a favor" This shows that this shop may not be very competent!

NOTE: The question that you have to ask yourself is, Would you work for a 1/2 hour for free, (if it were not a friend)

ADDED: I have seen Toyota Hubs fail at 20K before!

Why would a hemisphere experience a greater drag force than a flat disc of the same diameter?

Q: Thanks for any help =)
(2012-03-12 00:55:54)

A: Depends on the direction. The hemisphere pointing back probably wouldn't at low speed. Then the hemisphere helps the airflow to become laminar, since there is no sudden pressure drop, causing eddies.

At high speed the hemisphere will prevent the border layer detaching. Not having the hemisphere, but just the flat disc will act the same way a spoiler does on a car, or the rough edges on speed skaters suits do. It will deliberately cause turbulence, detaching the border layer.

Compare it with the profile of a Toyota Prius. It has only a very shallow angle from front till the spoiler. From here they could either give it a very long tail or a sudden drop. Anything in between (a smooth rear) would be like your hemisphere, giving more drag.

What kind of car should I get for college? Help Please!?

Q: My college will be around 3 hrs away from my house and I need a good, reliable car. On a daily basis I would be driving from my apartment, to school, work, friends places, etc. My parents said my limit is probably around $12k. I found a 2010 Hyndai Accent (4 door, power everything) and a 2005 Honda Accord (LX 2.4L 4 door), any suggestions on these? Or any suggestions on other cars? I'm looking for okay to really good gas mileage, it's not that big of an issue. Can anyone help me out? (btw, the Hyundai is $10k and the Honda is $11k, Hyundai mileage is 44k and Honda's is 78k)
Plus my parents want to get me a car that does not have high miles, maybe 60k miles down. And my friends all have Cobalts, Accords, Mustangs, HHRs, Silverados, Jettas, Focus', so I don't want to drive the lamest car out of the group. Thanks!
Plus I'm a guy so I don't want a girly car or anything. Would the Versa hatchback 1.8s be okay if I put aftermarket rims on it?
(2012-03-12 23:25:49)

A: Don't go with the Hyundai accent (whatever you do, don't do that....especially if you will be driving 3 hours back and forth somewhat regylarly). Good cars in that price range would be the Nissan sentra, Nissan versa, a used but low mile Toyota Camry, a used but low mile Honda civic, or you can go for the Toyota tercel or corolla (or older models of the above listed brands). Another good dependable car is the Nissan maxima (you may be able to find an '05 or '06 in the $12k price range (these cars go forever though, just hit 300k on my wife's maxima). Please, please, please stay away from Mazda, Kia/Hyundai, and Isuzu brands. These brands are known for many issues including blowing head gaskets, premature body rot (depending on region you live in), transmission problems, and many other costly issues. Definitely go foreign for a good commuter type car. The Nissan versa sedan is surprisingly spacious in the trunk and would easily haul all of your luggage to and from home they are reliable and you can buy a brand new one for around $12k (it will be a base model but it's brand new).

Monday, March 12, 2012

in Britain ,,,what do they call "pick up trucks"?

Q: and why? since when?
Why don't see these much at all in Britain? are they not very common? which percentage of vehicles are pick up trucks? WHY BRITISH PEOPLE DONT SEE THE USE IN THEM? (LIKE AMERICANS DO)
Why don't see these much at all in Britain? are they not very common? which percentage of vehicles are pick up trucks? WHY BRITISH PEOPLE DONT SEE THE USE IN THEM? (LIKE AMERICANS DO)
(2012-03-11 08:46:18)

A: Since the following Auto manufacturers in England have gone out of business or bankrupt, or lost their funding by foreign investors... Who is left in the UK to make a pick-up truck? Importing them from America is an additional expense. On the European continent, you have them from Toyota, Nissan, VW, and maybe more, but EVERYTHING costs more in the UK. sorry.

Out of biz:
Mini coopers

Top cars under 10k for first car ?

Q: So I'm getting my first car soon and I don't what kind to look for. I'd like a fast car for its price or just a good one. Looking for a sleek , cool , car. Thanks!
(2012-03-11 22:48:04)

A: well aim for about 3-4k for a first car. you can get a decent ride for that. you need to focus on reliability and cost because no car looks cool on the side of the road nor will you drive it if you cant afford gas and insurance. look into a toyota like corolla, camry, celica if you must. i would go for a grand prix, grand am, a g6 or cobalt, or cavalier if you want a sporty looking domestic which is what i would get. look into a nice small pickup or suv like an s10, blazer, jimmy, envoy, or a ford ranger and lower it a little. chicks dig trucks and their fun lol. dont get a dodge or mitsubishi. both can be expensive and hard to work on and alot mechanics avoid both.