Sunday, July 11, 2010

Is Erica from the new Toyota Corolla commercial an actress?

Q: My friend and I are having a dispute as to whether Erica from the Toyota Corolla commercial is an actress or if she is a real customer that Toyota genuinely surprised with a new car. We need a conclusive answer please.
(2010-07-10 21:26:10)

A: A woman named Darla Scott said this: "My best friend is Erica Kelly, she truly was surprised that Toyota gave her a car. She went to a market research for some extra cash telling her story about how she used to own a Toyota and her goal was to buy another one. They loved her story so much they made a commercial. She is one of the most giving and deserving people I know. I was able to be apart of that experience and saw first hand how genuine the people of Toyota were and Erica during the filming process. Im more proud to be a toyota owner then ever before."

So I would say, she is a real person!


Anonymous said...

I think she is an actress cause she looks alot like the girl courtney from an episode of my fair fair wedding with David Tutera.Look up the swamp wedding episode.

Anonymous said...

Is it legal to operate a pastry business out of an apartment without a separate commercial kitchen?

Anonymous said...

She's really a pastry chef.

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